My Social Media Rules

social media rulesYou can search Google and come up with literally millions of websites that tell you all about being a success on social media sites. It can be overwhelming and it is.

So I decided to make my own social media rules. This is how I interact on the one social media site that I seem to do okay on, Facebook. And by okay I mean people actually talk to me.

Here are my social media rules.

  1. If you post or share an image without saying something about it, I assume that you think the image is worth a 1000 words and my comment isn’t necessary.
  2. The most I will do in this case is “like” but only if I truly do like it.
  3. I may share an image you posted but rules #1 and #2 apply.
  4. If you do happen to say something about an image you posted and if I want to share the image I will make a point of commenting on your post because otherwise it feels like I’m stealing.
  5. I have started random acts of sharing from my feed on my business page. It’s hard since most artists don’t post the title, size and medium of their work. It’s always just one of the aforementioned so when I find an artist that includes all that and a link to their website I get very excited.
  6. Speaking of links. I will share a poster image of your exhibition if you give a link to the venue.
  7. I started finding links and pasting them in the comment area of posts that lack them, but stopped thinking perhaps I was overstepping my bounds plus I could be there all day. And I am not the link police though given time would be. LINKS! Give us LINKS!!
  8. Nobody likes to be ignored. Your minimum required action is to like all comments on your post. The exception to this is rude people who you should actually un-friend if they’re rude.
  9. Speaking of un-friending. Should you decide that you no longer want what I share and un-friend me, that’s okay. I’ll be a bit sad but I won’t whine about.
  10. Unless expressly asked for do not critique art in public on any social media platform.
  11. Please don’t correct my grammar and spelling and I won’t correct yours. It takes all the fun and poignancy out connecting.
  12. If I continually share your stuff and you never share mine, I’ll keep sharing your stuff.

Those are my social media rules. Of course yours maybe different. Do you have social media rules that you use? If so please share them in the comments, I’m dying to know if I’m the only one.

4 thoughts on “My Social Media Rules

  1. Aryana B. Londir

    Love your rules! I hesitate to call them rules; rather good manners. I am surprised when people who take the time to comment seem to be ignored without even a “like.”

    1. Kim Bruce

      That happens more often than not. Especially on larger profiles. I get that it’s hard with a gazillion comments but a like doesn’t take long. Or how about a note at the end thanking everyone. I really hate feeling like I’m someones groupie. I would be aghast if I ever treated someone like that.

  2. Shelly Porter

    Thank you Kim,
    I learned a few, practice a few and will certainly add the new to my social media repertoire! I am spread kind of thin since I have two websites and am attempting to pare down as I am spending WAY too much time on the computer and not enough time creating and marketing! I love all of your tidbits and appreciate them very much!

    1. Kim Bruce

      Hi Shelly

      Way too much time on the computer is not a good thing for an artist. Balance, balance, balance is never easy to achieve. But I really appreciate you taking the time to drop by here.

      Now off the the studio with you.

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